Dying Embers

The fire coughs, and dies, The cold wind whistles, The last glow illuminates the horrors, The untamed deadly wild, The unknown beyond. Everyone huddles up, afraid, Darkness surrounds them, Suffocating and killing their minds. The dying embers are unassuming, Are they the tools of light, joy? Or are they the slow anger of the night? Are … Continue reading Dying Embers

The Boy Who Dared

The darkness creeps up to the woods, Pure, horrible and sickly fascinating. The beasts whimper and scuffle away, The nocturnals hunt, their red eyes shine. Supernatural evils rule and roam the woods, Their malevolent presence: frightening; killing. Their sickly hair growing off decaying skeletons, They are the Kings of the Woods. But there is a … Continue reading The Boy Who Dared

Waiting for an Epiphany

Waiting for an epiphany, One that is long overdue, Hoping the incoherent thoughts; The rambling words grow lucid. The jumbled couplets, The unruly sonnets, They mock me and chase me, Chastising me for creating them. The broken words, And their unique beauty, Elude me. Their singular pulchritude, I am unable to touch. I sit down … Continue reading Waiting for an Epiphany