Rain Pt. 2

It rains again,
Nature reveling in her infinite power,
Spewing torrents upon us,
Driving the dry air behind.

I walk through the rain,
Defeated by my last encounter,
Runny nose and red eyes the rain gave me,
Now I carry an umbrella.

The wind howls,
Telling me to lose my umbrella,
Beckoning me to join their dance.
Calling me to play with them.

But, once bitten, twice shy,
I caution myself,
And hold on to the thin umbrella,
Protecting me from pleasure and pain.

And so I watch, wistfully,
At the trees dancing,
The winds laughing,
The water: festal and happy.

I hold my tears,
For I am not a part of all this,
The great uprising must go on without me,
So sleep will yours truly.

March 26, 2019

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