Humans have evolved in a speed that is doubtlessly increasing geometrically. The rate has inflated so much that the present generation and the generation before it are different apparently and substantially.

This speed in evolution has not developed all aspects of the human being equally, meaning that the external development of tangible structures is higher in relation to the intangible psychological, social and abstract structures and processes.

This may not seem like a problem in the normally viewed society, but in the grand scheme of things, it is a killer of the grand design we are trying to obtain.

Add the cheesy book and movie plots that are full of exaggerated emotions teaching us what is underlined by the word bullshit. So, psychologically, we’ve been caught in a torrent of hopeless optimism that is quite far from the reach from realism and does nothing more than stimulate our brains and provide us with temporary entertainment sacrificing the long-term comfort we could alternatively achieve.

Cynically speaking, the general average Joe of the world is doing nothing in hopes that someone else will do it. S/he is staying on his/her bed basking in the tameness s/he’s become. So, I ask you: are you still in your bed, doing nothing, or are you standing up, like a beacon of light in the dark sea, shining like a star, spreading light, and inspiring others to join in with you?

Well, decide yourself. Humans, in the current state of the world have a choice. Either sit down like all the others and just watch, as life goes away wasted, or stand up and fight the metaphorical fight.

Good luck!


May 12, 2018


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