What?! You need to pay for this?

It disheartens me, the label that has been marked into each and every little thing and big thing.

The human society has gotten really money-oriented. Everything has a monetary value now, from the simple eatables to the human body itself.

Religion is the secret money vacuum, sucking up billions of dollars. Now, who knew that? God is all-knowing, all-powerful, can do anything, but needs money!

Anyone may ask, what’s the problem with money? Although not quite visible in the global scale, it is logically obvious that money and its use is pushing us away from the achievable utopian society.

How? Well, money is a root of evil. Most types of crimes, excluding the ones done by senseless psychotic. You can see that the motive of any crime turns out to be either money, or love. Politics falls under power, which is again controlled by money. Money is the single biggest motivator of anything: good or bad, since its very beginning. And, the high amount of advantages has never, and in my opinion, will never outweigh the similar, if not more amount of disadvantages. For the sake of humanity, I hope I’m wrong.

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Sir John Dalberg-Acton

But, then there doesn’t seem to be any other alternative to money. The society has gotten highly untrusting, paranoid, suspicious and cynical.

The human civilization is in a disarray. It is something that has been developed in an unnatural speed, which has left little time for maturity of the collective society, and the biased system we have made is making the future of the civilization positively hopeless.

Life is a stage in a grand arena, untill it suddenly is not, and I see our civilization racing towards utter destruction and apocalypse. Not the normal kind with death caused by strands of glowing red surreal bombs, other explosions and the solar death, but the destruction that is worse, and is caused by people being so paranoid, they become delusional and start hating each other with contempt.

Each man for himself, will prevail, as I, the lone idealist and romantic watch civilization crumbling under my eyes, the same eyes, that once, were of hope, that are now empty and soulless, without like or dislike. Gone.

As an optimist, I hope for a better world and society.

But, being an idealist, I hope I die comfortably before the apocalypse actually starts.

*longs for the simple world that existed before*

I hope we can steer away the wheel which we are in, to a brighter and a better future, with limited number of people, who can co-exist happily, simply, yet with a degree of proper sophistication, that can make us sufficiently comfortable, living in this planet.

Happy existing!

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