Transient Life

The candles shine in the dark,
They dim the stars behind,
I try to warm myself,
In its measly warmth.

My feet feel numb,
And my legs feel tired.
My arms are unraveling,
Under the strain of everything.

I can feel my blood,
Valiantly trying to warm me,
My heart beats rapidly,
Still no warmth in my fingertips.

My consciousness,
It is rapidly fading,
The void, dark and menacing,
Yet gentle and benign, calls out.

I close my eyes,
Sure I will never open them,
Ever again.
Ever again.

My mind goes blank,
And I find myself,
In a suspended limbo,
All gray, nothing stands out.

Such a boring world it is!
How am I to spend,
My afterlife here?
This eternal emptiness.


Now I can see,
With the enormity of,
What I have to go through,
How ephemeral life really is!

It suits me just fine.
Non-existence is better,
Than what I am experiencing.

Humans do not realize,
How menacing emptiness,
And nothingness,
And many others are.

Nothingness and emptiness.
They are dangerous,
More dangerous than chaos,
Scarier than that cold night.

I must have spent an eternity here,
Ere I wondered of my family, my friends.
They must have gotten old, and even died.
My body must have found, frozen.

I close my eyes,
Against the excruciating pain,
The pain caused by the burden of time.
“Sleep come to me” I beckon.

But it never does.
It never will.
I have a functioning brain,
But nothing to occupy it for long.

I will not occupy you for long,
It will be impolite,
Now go, run away.

Before I finally,
Make eternity bearable.
“How?” You ask.
Losing my conscience.

Aug 05, 2018

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